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重型机械设备包装 | Package for Heavy Machinery

    对大型机电设备的出口包装而言,由于产品本身的体积大、重量重,再加上要漂洋过海,运输距离长,仓储、运转、装卸、运输过程复杂,会出现各种各样的力学负载。 所以,机电设备的运输出口包装比较复杂。我公司所生产各种规格和形状的产品严格依据有关国际规范和标准,无论在质量和安全性方面给客户绝对的保证。
    For the exported package of large-scale electromechanical equipment, the products might be damaged due to the various mechanical load which caused by large product volume, heavy weight, long distance of sea transportation, etc. Therefore, the exported package of it is quite complicated. The various specifications and shapes of our products are strictly in accordance with the international standards, so that we can guarantee our customers to receive the products with high quality and security.