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熏蒸木质托盘&免熏蒸托盘|Fumigation/Non-Fumigation Wooden Pallet

    托盘给现代物流业带来的效益主要体现在:可以实现物品包装的单元化、规范化和标准化,保护物品,方便物流和商流。托盘有很多种类型, 尤其在一些要求快速作业的场合,由于托盘作业效率高,安全稳定,使用率越来越大。
    The main benefits that pallet can bring reflect on unitizing, normalizing and standardizing the product package, protecting the goods, and the convenience of logistics and business flow. The usage rate of pallet is getting higher and higher because of its high efficiency, safety and stability, especially in the occasion of rapid production.